A dvice on the full spectrum of tax-related matters, including general corporate and individuals taxes, tax litigation, financial and international taxation, and transfer pricing, as well as on all matters related to wealth management and indirect taxation.

Business Tax Advisory Services

Advice to Spanish and international groups and companies on the various areas of international and national taxation, assisting in the definition of the Company’s tax policy and investments in order to offer an integral advice on tax matters.

  • Diagnosis of the status of the company in relation to the various taxes, identifying risks and opportunities
  • Planning and design of corporate structures in order to optimize their direct and indirect taxation
  • Continued advice on all kind of tax matters
  • Advice on transfer pricing matters and documentation
  • Tax advice and planning in acquisitions and sale of businesses (Transactions) and restructuring operations (mergers, spin-offs, transfers of branch of activity, share-for-share exchanges), negotiations and contracts, as well as in the separation of assets previous to the implementation of the transaction

Private Clients

Advice to resident and non-resident individuals on the different taxation areas.

  • Tax planning to optimize taxation at individual level and preparation of tax returns (income tax, wealth tax, statements of foreign assets)
  • Tax advice to expatriates and impatriates. Special tax system for impatriates. Preparation and filing of tax returns
  • Legal and tax advice on inheritance and gifts
  • Taxation applicable to company executives. Share/Stock option, bonus and other remuneration plans
  • Partnerships and flow-through entities
  • Tax advice to non-residents with assets or businesses with tax implications in Spain
  • Tax advice to artists and professional sportspeople

International Tax

Advice on international tax matters and accompaniment in international investments to provide comprehensive tax advice.

  • Tax planning of investments and foreign business structures in Spain, as well as on investments and business structures of Spanish companies abroad
  • Analysis of the taxation of the flows of funds between entities (dividends, interest, royalties, etc.)
  • Creation of Spanish holding companies (ETVE) and provision of tax and legal maintenance services
  • Tax advice on the application of treaties to avoid international double taxation
  • Tax planning and advice to expatriates and impatriates moving to Spain

Tax Audits and Litigation

Defence of the taxpayers’ interests in all types of proceedings, appeals and disputes with the tax authorities and advice on how to financially optimize their tax claims and appeals, suspend proceedings in process, and avoid paying sanctions until a firm decision is issued.

  • Assistance and representation in tax audits
  • Assistance and representation in all tax proceedings before the competent authorities
  • Application for tax rulings from the General Directorate of Taxes
  • Administrative, economic-administrative and contentious-administrative appeals

Tax & Legal Compliance

Our compliance team assists our clients with all their accounting, legal and tax obligations.

  • Bookkeeping
  • Completion of tax and corporate obligations
  • Preparation and filing of tax returns
  • Preparation and deposit of financial statements
  • Legalization of compulsory accounting book